There are approximately 1 million smash repairs carried out annually in Australia. Due to this, there has been an increase in the number of smash repairs shops across the country. The increase in number of repair shops has brought with it challenges including questionable quality of car repair services offered. However, to make good value for money for auto repairs is achieved, there is need to be on the lookout for any telling signs of a repair shop.

Clutter and dirt on the floor

Clutter is the first noticeable thing in substandard smash repairs Ashfield shop. Clutter and dirt on the floor with tools scattered all over the shop depicts a disorganized team that is not attentive to details. This could have some negative impacts during repair sessions.

Lack of a license and accreditation

A licensed and accredited auto smash repairs Strathfield shop has been assessed and approved by professional bodies to render motor vehicle repair services. This shows that it meets a certain set of standards that are necessary for safe repairs. Lack of a license and necessary accreditation shows that the services rendered are slightly riskier as they have no assurance of quality.

Poor online reviews

Online reviews have become the norm in this highly technological era. Therefore any reviews given objectively projects a clear picture of events and services. Poor online reviews of an auto smash repairs Ashfield shop spell doom. Repair shops with poor reviews must be avoided at all costs.

Bad customer relations

A business with poor business relations offers poor services as it rarely listens to what the customer has to say. One way of identifying such businesses is by calling or emailing what you need and gauging their rate of response and tone of their responses. Poor reception translates to poor relations at a later date. If the auto repair shop responds to initial contact poorly, caution must be applied in a later date as this is bound to recur.

Lack detailed quotes

Due to the market competitiveness, most repair shops have found ways to overcharge clients in order to make additional money. One of the ways is offering add-on services that are unnecessary during repair. Such an outfit will not be ready to give details of all to be services to be rendered in a detailed quote. The quote offered is thin and even upon request for details there is no satisfactory response. There is need for a comprehensive quote to avoid overcharges. A comprehensive quote also shows the extent of repairs required which advises on the amount of time that will be required for all repairs.

All-inclusive research on a particular auto repair shop will reveal the details required to make a decision. It is important to research several service providers before settling on one. A site visit is also necessary. Questions should be asked at all times and all the above factors considered before engaging any smash repairs Strathfield service providers.



So now you are the owner of a new car. Do you know how to maintain it? Do not worry; many people have no clue even after years of owning a car. However, there are several things that you need to know that will not only help you keep the car in top shape but also save you money in the long run and ensure your safety.

Have the car checked by a professional

A brand new car is usually checked at the factory before it is sent to the dealership. It thus does not require checking to make sure that everything is in order. However, if the car you purchased was second hand it is a good idea to pass by a car smash repairs shop for an inspection. This will ensure that every part of the car is functioning properly. In some countries such as Australia, this is necessary so as to obtain a pink slip.

Learn what needs to be done for proper upkeep

A well maintained car is a beauty and works more efficiently than a poorly maintained car. This is why it is important to learn a few basic things such as oil checks, how to check for pressure and even how to clean the car properly. In case you do not know, have someone who knows how to do these things with you regularly. You can be a regular customer at the local Sydney smash repairs shop or the nearest gas station. The easiest way to learn is to ask as many questions as possible to the right people.

Visit your Stanmore smash repairs at any sign of trouble

The car had trouble starting in the morning for the last two days? Is the engine making strange noises? Are there emissions places that there should not be? All these are examples of instances that are the beginning of trouble. A visit to the smash repairs shop will help in pinpointing what the problem is and prevent any damages to the car. For this to be effective, you need to clearly communicate what the problem is.

Keep a record

The last thing you want to do is to guess the last time your car had an oil change and got a maintenance check. Ensure that anything done to your car or any incidences are clearly recorded. This will help you in keeping up with any due checks and also monitor functionality and efficiency of the car. This will go a long way in saving you money and avoiding unnecessary inconveniences.

For a full and comprehensive guide on how to take care of your car, visit the Lewisham Smash Repairs. You will meet friendly, efficient highly trained professionals with years of experience and wealth of knowledge. They will help you.


Fixing your car is sometimes full of headaches. This process can however be streamlined to create an enjoyable and productive sessions at the smash repairs shops. To achieve this, there is need to follow a few must dos when you take your car to Sydney smash repairs shop.

A Credible Car Repairing Service

Do communicate clearly – you are the one who has been driving your car. It is therefore easy to understand what the problem is with the car before you head to the repairs shop. Communicate what the issue is in detail to the mechanic clearly and precisely. Make sure you touch on all areas that have issues. You do not want to come to the shop soon after your repairs are done.

Do de-clutter – clutter in your car can highly affect its performance. Furthermore, it is annoying to any mechanic to have to go round or over numerous amounts of stuff that is in your car. Clean out the car and remove all unnecessary things before heading to a cheap smash repairs Sydney. Also make sure that the car is washed.

Do put all agreements in writing – what you agree with the mechanic if not written down can be misconstrued later on. The cost can also be disagreed upon if nothing was put in ink. These are also instances that many mechanics will find ways to overcharge you or deliver less than agreed upon services. Make sure everything is written down to have a smooth working relation with the mechanics.

B e picky – cheap in the long run is expensive. This is why it is important to be picky in the parts that are used on your car. Good quality parts are expensive but have the manufacturers’ specification and design.

Be available – even with well written plans, there is need for you to leave your contacts with car smash repairs Sydney experts. This will ensure that you are available to respond to any quarries that arise during the automobile repairs. Your availability also ensures that you are able to agree or authorize procedures that were not in initial agreement.

Why Lewisham Smash repairs are the best

This is a team of highly professional Sydney smash repairs. They offer a lifetime guarantee for all services rendered and quick services. They are also:
a. Committed to excellent results
b. Competitive prices
c. Attentive to details
d. Highly trained car specialists
e. Offer a variety of services
f. Free quotations
Contact this team today for world class services at affordable prices.

How Lewisham Car Restoration Services Handle Your Car?

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When you ran into a car wreck, you are most likely to face heaps and heaps of expenses trying to go about your needs to find a reliable service provider of the best smash repair Sydney area. Car restoration is really important for those car owners who want to add a different sense of character to their cars after a significant damage or accident. There are car owners too who just want to keep their cars well-maintained. You can do it by checking on the paint and the engines from time to time.  For those who want to keep their cars looking attractive and brand new, you can always hire a professional car restoration to handle the job for you.

Here are some of the ways on how car restoration process should be:

  1. Find a consistent and reliable service provider with consistent results. Your car restoration expert must have the extensive and broad range of equipment and tools, as well as skills to make sure that the projects goes well. The primary skill they must master is painting the car efficiently.
  2. You should make sure that they have skilled and trained car body painters. You have to understand that car paint job is an intricate form of art. You should go through the steps contentiously to make sure the results are awesome. Trained professionals have the ability to execute the most meticulous and detailed paint jobs you could ever imagine.
  3. Try looking into their decals, paints and finishes. When you are on the look for the ways to pimp up your ride, you will have many options to choose from when you go through the painting process. A professional car restoration service provider can give you a wide selection of paint color and finishes on top of their high quality service.

Should you be contemplating on how to find the best car restoration service provider in town, you can rely so much on Lewishman Smash Repairs.  If you are looking into hiring experts from Lewisham car restoration, you have made the right choice!    


When you have had a vehicle for some time, it starts to deteriorate. This is especially accelerated in areas such as Australia where the climatic conditions are extreme. Whereas many people focus on the visible parts of the car, degradation also occurs on other surfaces that are not visible such as the engine. This requires a complete car restoration. There are several benefits to be reaped from vehicle refurbishment.

1) Damage control -Damage control is perhaps the most obvious and beneficial reason for you to visit a Lewisham car restoration center. With time, damages occur to both the interior parts as well as the automobile body affecting the mechanics and cosmetics bits. These damages compromise vehicle integrity placing you and other road users in danger. Restoration will thus ensure that your vehicle is safe to use.

2)    Boost value -If you are trying to sell your automobile, a scruffy old looking surface with a poor performing engine will fetch a poor price. To increase its value, a refurbishment is they to go.  This will give your automobile an attractive look and ensure it is functioning properly as per the manufacturer’s settings. This will require several days at Erskineville car restoration shop. Refurbishment also improves the car appeal and general aesthetics.

3)    Customization to echo personal style – Each one of use has a different style. This is also true when it comes to our autos. However, most vehicles are made for the masses and come with the manufacturer’s designs that do not reflect our personal style.

Lewisham car restoration however gives you an opportunity to custom make a vehicle to suit your taste and style. This could include a full body paint job or customization of the interiors to your liking. Whatever the case, a professional auto restoration centre will cater to your needs.

To fully reap the benefits of auto restoration, the procedures must be done correctly. A shoddy restoration job will not only cause more damage but also lower the auto value. It is thus necessary to ensure that you work with the best repairs specialist such as Lewisham smash repairs. Some of the things that will indicate whether a repair shop is ideal for your Erskineville car restoration include availability of the correct equipment and trained mechanics, good reviews from customers who have already received the service or a quick visit to the repair shop. Observation can reveal to you numerous things characteristic of a good repair shop.


What Car detailing in Sydney Entails

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Car detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning your car both on the outside and inside.  It goes beyond the ordinary regular car cleaning to remove any marks on the body of the car and restore the car paint to its original stunning state. The main objective of car detailing Sydney is to increase or retain the value of your car as well as offer increased protection. However, it is important to note that car detailing does not include intensive processes such as car spraying and restoration. This calls for completely different processes altogether.

Processes involved in car detailing

The first step in car detailing Sydney is getting the interiors of your car sparkling clean. In this case, several areas are cleaned using various techniques to achieve a thoroughly clean and great smelling car. The interiors consist of upholstery, carpets and air ducts in various areas. Duct cleaning is carried out using compressed air normally in a portable device. This removes dust and any dirt on the ducts. The carpet is then cleaned using compressed air or vacuuming. The carpet and rugs are cleaned using stiff brushes.

Once the interior of the car is done, it is time to get to the exterior of the car. The exterior is where most of the grime is found because it is directly exposed to the environment. To start off the process, the tires and wheels of the car are cleaned with a degreaser. Be careful not to use products that harm your tires. Once the tires and wheels are complete, then the body cleaning starts. The best option for a thorough body clean is hand washing after soaking with special chemicals that loosen dirt and grease. Once lose, the dirt is removed with a car solution then, the car is dried.

A dry car is then polished with specialized equipment and products. A layer of wax can then be applied to protect the car. A good layer of wax not only gives the car its shinny look but also protects any dirt and damage from reaching the car’s paint work. The final step in car detailing Sydney is cleaning the car glass. The Car glass should be cleaned using, not the normal window detergents used at home, but specially made cleaners for car glass. For the best finishes, a microfiber towel is used for buffing. This step removes any product remnants that might be on the surface of the car.

Car detailing process takes about two hours but it can vary depending on various factors including the condition of the car. For the best services and treatment of your car, it is important to work with professional car detailers such as Lewisham Smash Repairs. This is because such professionals possess the right skills required for the job as well as the right tools, equipment and products.  With an objective of delivering fast and quality services, Lewisham Smash Repairs will provide you with quality services with friendly customer care that will leave your car in excellent shape.

Lewisham Smash Repairs – A Credible Car Repairing Service

A Credible Car Repairing Service

Lewisham Smash Repairs, a smart choice when it comes to the servicing of your car in a cost-effective way. We are equipped with all the leading, up-to-date modern tools for repairing of your car. Forest Lodge Smash Repairs have a reputation in the market for being the hub to the most highly skilled and energetic team players who are all set to complete your car job in a seamless manner. We provide our services in bumper repair, panel beating, a complete car restoration, spray painting and everything in between to make your car a complete new one. We also assist you with all the legalities associated with car insurance and issuance of pink slip.

A brief overview of our services is given below.

  • PANEL BEATINGOur firm has a team of skilled panel beaters who assure that each and every dent on your car is removed, giving it a flawless, unmatchable repair that no one else can give.
  • BUMPER REPAIR A wrecked bumper brings a very awful look to the car which is needed to be fixed immediately. Bumper replacement can be a hefty procedure putting a lot of burden on your pocket. We, at Lewisham Smash Repair offer bumper restoration, removing all the scratches and scrapes from the surface and returning to its immaculate condition.
  • SPRAY PAINTINGSpray painting of car is a very important step to restore into its gleaming condition. Our professional painters use modern equipments and best quality paints to give an unmatchable finish to your car. Spray painting process starts with removing the former paint. Once the car is prepared and well stripped, it is then followed by spray painting process and with our professional touch your car becomes all new.
  • LEGAL SERVICESA car accident comes with a lot of legal and financial troubles. Repairing a car recently gone through an accident is not less than a headache. But with Lewisham Smash Repairs it not a difficult job now. We have partnered with reputable insurance companies to take all the worries from you.

A car with a due Rego check poses great threat to the driver as well as others. At Lewisham smash repairs we offer a complete inspection of your car with our trained inspectors and issuing all the relevant documents; Pink slips.

We believe that car is a very important asset to a person therefore, we strive for the restoration of your car in to a whole new condition within lesser time and greater quality work. We are fully operational along with our modern equipments and skilled workers, providing ultimate solutions for your smashed car. Our team of professional and friendly staff are always at your service to respond to your queries. So order your quote now to experience an impeccable repair for your car in the most pocket-friendly way.

Modern Car Spray Painting Equipment and Marque Specialist

Car spray painting interns are qualified to become experts on modern car paint using great skill in preparation, application, and colour matching with highly classy industrial product. Spray painters will carefully prepare panel surfaces for painting, mix paints and create special effects with paint and finishes. Lewisham Smash Repairs provide car spray painting service in that cities Lewisham, Macdonaldtown, Tempe, Canterbury, Erskineville, Hurlstone Park, Stanmore, Summer Hill, Dulwich Hill, Sydenham, St peters, Ashfield, Sydney, Newtown, and Marrickville. You need more Information on here lewishamsmashrepairs.com.au