Car detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning your car both on the outside and inside.  It goes beyond the ordinary regular car cleaning to remove any marks on the body of the car and restore the car paint to its original stunning state. The main objective of car detailing Sydney is to increase or retain the value of your car as well as offer increased protection. However, it is important to note that car detailing does not include intensive processes such as car spraying and restoration. This calls for completely different processes altogether.

Processes involved in car detailing

The first step in car detailing Sydney is getting the interiors of your car sparkling clean. In this case, several areas are cleaned using various techniques to achieve a thoroughly clean and great smelling car. The interiors consist of upholstery, carpets and air ducts in various areas. Duct cleaning is carried out using compressed air normally in a portable device. This removes dust and any dirt on the ducts. The carpet is then cleaned using compressed air or vacuuming. The carpet and rugs are cleaned using stiff brushes.

Once the interior of the car is done, it is time to get to the exterior of the car. The exterior is where most of the grime is found because it is directly exposed to the environment. To start off the process, the tires and wheels of the car are cleaned with a degreaser. Be careful not to use products that harm your tires. Once the tires and wheels are complete, then the body cleaning starts. The best option for a thorough body clean is hand washing after soaking with special chemicals that loosen dirt and grease. Once lose, the dirt is removed with a car solution then, the car is dried.

A dry car is then polished with specialized equipment and products. A layer of wax can then be applied to protect the car. A good layer of wax not only gives the car its shinny look but also protects any dirt and damage from reaching the car’s paint work. The final step in car detailing Sydney is cleaning the car glass. The Car glass should be cleaned using, not the normal window detergents used at home, but specially made cleaners for car glass. For the best finishes, a microfiber towel is used for buffing. This step removes any product remnants that might be on the surface of the car.

Car detailing process takes about two hours but it can vary depending on various factors including the condition of the car. For the best services and treatment of your car, it is important to work with professional car detailers such as Lewisham Smash Repairs. This is because such professionals possess the right skills required for the job as well as the right tools, equipment and products.  With an objective of delivering fast and quality services, Lewisham Smash Repairs will provide you with quality services with friendly customer care that will leave your car in excellent shape.


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