Lewisham Smash Repairs, a smart choice when it comes to the servicing of your car in a cost-effective way. We are equipped with all the leading, up-to-date modern tools for repairing of your car. Forest Lodge Smash Repairs have a reputation in the market for being the hub to the most highly skilled and energetic team players who are all set to complete your car job in a seamless manner. We provide our services in bumper repair, panel beating, a complete car restoration, spray painting and everything in between to make your car a complete new one. We also assist you with all the legalities associated with car insurance and issuance of pink slip.

A brief overview of our services is given below.

  • PANEL BEATINGOur firm has a team of skilled panel beaters who assure that each and every dent on your car is removed, giving it a flawless, unmatchable repair that no one else can give.
  • BUMPER REPAIR A wrecked bumper brings a very awful look to the car which is needed to be fixed immediately. Bumper replacement can be a hefty procedure putting a lot of burden on your pocket. We, at Lewisham Smash Repair offer bumper restoration, removing all the scratches and scrapes from the surface and returning to its immaculate condition.
  • SPRAY PAINTINGSpray painting of car is a very important step to restore into its gleaming condition. Our professional painters use modern equipments and best quality paints to give an unmatchable finish to your car. Spray painting process starts with removing the former paint. Once the car is prepared and well stripped, it is then followed by spray painting process and with our professional touch your car becomes all new.
  • LEGAL SERVICESA car accident comes with a lot of legal and financial troubles. Repairing a car recently gone through an accident is not less than a headache. But with Lewisham Smash Repairs it not a difficult job now. We have partnered with reputable insurance companies to take all the worries from you.

A car with a due Rego check poses great threat to the driver as well as others. At Lewisham smash repairs we offer a complete inspection of your car with our trained inspectors and issuing all the relevant documents; Pink slips.

We believe that car is a very important asset to a person therefore, we strive for the restoration of your car in to a whole new condition within lesser time and greater quality work. We are fully operational along with our modern equipments and skilled workers, providing ultimate solutions for your smashed car. Our team of professional and friendly staff are always at your service to respond to your queries. So order your quote now to experience an impeccable repair for your car in the most pocket-friendly way.


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